Spotlight: MakeMyTrip - A Great Way to Book Your Next Vacation

By: Picky Promos

Founded in 2000, is one of India's premier travel companies. Its based in Gurgaon, India and provides booking services for hotels, flights, vacation packages, train tickets, bus tickets, and more. 

A Little History

Back at the turn of the century travel to and from India was picking up, and there were many Indians living and working in America, as they still do today. Yet there was no online booking portal that catered specifically to this demographic. Sure, they could book their tickets through an American company like Expedia or one of the others, but the selection and offerings from those companies did not quite match the specific needs of the Indian community. MakeMyTrip was created to provide services to Indians who traveled frequently between India and the United States - an untapped market niche in the travel industry.

Fast forward a few years to 2005. MakeMyTrip officially launched in India to provide travel services to people living in India and traveling both in the country and abroad, and it quickly became to go-to solution for people needing travel services.


Many parts of India are benefitting from industrialization and the increase of wealth that is making people more mobile. Many people in India have cars, want to travel by plane, and are in need of travel services. This was not so in the not-to-distant past. With the economic development has come competition to the travel industry. Cleartrip is a competitor and provides many of the same services - it was founded in 2006.

Coupons and Deals

This company is great about providing incentives and discounts to its customers. With India being a relatively poor country, especially in many rural areas, these deals are greatly appreciated. You can find MakeMyTrip coupons here. Some of them have actual promotional codes to enter, and some are just special offers.