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By: Picky Promos

GeekBuying is an eCommerce retailer that is based in Hong Kong, China. It focuses heavily on consumer electronics but also sells sports and outdoor products. Some of their popular products a

Xiaomi Products

GeekBuying is a major retailer for the Xiaomi brand of consumer electronics that sells devices such as: laptops, smartphones, speakers, home electronics, and more. This is also a Chinese company, and it's based in Beijing. Xiaomi products are sold all over the world and are often a cheaper alternative to U.S. branded products. GeekBuying is one major outlet that helps Xiaomi sell its products in foreign countries.

International Reach

By focusing on international markets, GeekBuying has been able to grow substantially and push into areas that, in the past, have been relatively untouched by the eCommerce boom in the United States. Many smaller countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia historically have been ignored by big players such as Amazon because of their size and relatively small markets. But all that is changing - GeekBuying, as well as many other companies that focus on international trade, have successfully carved out a presence in many of these small markets. For example, GeekBuying's website is available in sixteen different languages, and most of them are European/Asian nations that speak Turkish, French, Hebrew, Italian, etc. Perhaps the most strategically important aspect of this company is its language support. English is less common in rural areas across the world, and many people don't speak it well enough to navigate a large ecommerce website written in English. By allowing people to shop in their native tongue, GeekBuying has solidified its presence in many of these countries with non-English speaking majorities. 

Discounts, Deals, and Reviews

An extensive marketing strategy powers GeekBuying, and the company offers sales and discounts on a regular basis. You can find GeekBuying Coupons here. Are you considering ordering and want to read about experiences others have had on the site? Check out some reviews here at TrustPilot