Picky Promos Has Officially Launched

By: Picky Promos

Designed primarily for developing economies with underdeveloped ecommerce infastructure, Pickypromos.com is a place where you can find coupon codes and deals. This sector is popular and highly profitable in developed countries, but much of the world is struggling economically. Few countries can even begin to come close to matching the United States in ecommerce. That's changing, and companies are making inroads into untapped markets. We are here to provide a coupon option to those areas. Currently, our product offering is targeted to customers in India, but we hope to expand our coupon selection to other markets.

This blog will provide updates on our service, information about specific sectors such as: travel, medical, and consumer goods, and much more. We also allow you to write reviews for specific merchants and rate them on a five-star scale.